President Barack Obama’s Gun Control Oval Office Address – My Reaction

President Obama gave a rare speech from the Oval Office inside the White House on Sunday, December 6 2015 about the attacks at San Bernardino and the debate over gun control. The speech was very short, only about 15 minutes in length. In this video I talk about it briefly.

Some of the key points I touch on are, first, the fact that Obama is trying to push his immigration agenda. He opened the speech by talking about how American citizens and Immigrants were affected by the tragedy at San Bernardino. To someone like myself, this is a dog whistle. He wants to soften people up to the idea of immigration that may not be, by immediately taking advantage of the tragedy to attempt to humanize a certain group.

He also says that the United States shouldn’t engage in a “ground” war with ISIS overseas, inferring that we should do more air raids and drone strikes instead. With a coalition of 65 countries, that he did not mention. I’d love to know what countries are in the coalition!

The President then goes on to talk about gun control. He says that people on a watch list shouldn’t be able to purchase a weapon. My question is, what is the criteria to get on a watch list? Seems like there isn’t much criteria to trigger to land a person on a watch list. He also speaks about banning assault weapons. What is an assault weapon? The speech was so short and vague, that it’s kind of hard to tell much detail about anything that was said.

Obama also spoke about not maligning the Islamic community based on religious affiliation. I touch more on that in the video, please watch and subscribe!

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