Barack Obama Defends Colin Kaepernick Because He Is Colin Kaepernick

During the G20 meetings in China, Barack Obama came to the defense of NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick, as it relates to his “silent” protest of the National Anthem. Kaepernick has been taking a knee, or sitting down on the bench during the anthem as a protest against the way black people are treated in the United States of America. Obama took it upon himself to not only give a diplomatic answer when questioned by a reporter in the crowd at the G-series meeting, he also took it a step further and explained, beyond it just being his constitutional right, the reason *why* Kaepernick was justified.

Obama essentially said that there are some “real issues” in the United States that need to be addressed, and that many people who are speaking out against Kaepernick are “sitting on the sidelines” and not participating. His statement could have been truncated at the constitutional rights argument. It could have been as simple as saying “he has the right to protest as long as he doesn’t violate any of the team’s rules he signed a contract with, and other people have a right to protest him, and also to be offended at what he did.” That would have been a perfectly acceptable answer to give.

However, Mr. Barack H. Obama doesn’t quite operate like that. it appears to be that Obama sees in Kaepernick … a younger version of himself. Both biracial with white mothers and black fathers, who, by the way, failed to stick around. The black fathers, that is. Then, eventually the mothers were not able to raise them either and they went off to be raised by whites. In Obama’s case, it was his white grand parents in Hawaii, in Kaepernick’s case, it was an adoptive white family in Wisconsin, then raised in California. They both appear to struggle with conflicts of identity, therefore, they both over compensate for that emptyness.

Colin Kaepernick came into the NFL as a person that wasn’t really recognizable as “black” or even “mixed race.” Now, all of a sudden he is wearing clothing and fixing his hair in a way that screams “I’m black, look at me.” Obama attended a church for 20 years with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who gave the infamous, “God D**n” America” sermon. Insecurity, overcompensation, and lost without direction are the best ways to describe Kaepernick and a young Obama. Maybe Kaepernick’s eventual goal is to find himself like Obama did.. in Social Justice Warrior Land.

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