The Donald Trump Federal Income Tax Kerfuffle Is Much Ado About Nothing And Here’s Why

The visceral reaction to a 1995 tax document allegedly belonging to Donald Trump being leaked to the New York Times is to be expected, but the overwhelming ignorance of the general public towards the topic of taxes is quite surprising. To back up a little bit, the New York Times said that they were mailed a document with a return address of Trump Tower Manhattan. The document is allegedly a snapshot of Donald Trump’s 1995 Federal Income Tax return that shows he has a net operating loss of $916 million. That means he would not have paid any federal income taxes that year, due to not being legally required to do so because he would not have any federal income tax liability.

It does not mean Donald Trump did not pay any taxes at all that year, as there are many more taxes that have to be paid, as a statement released by Donald Trump’s campaign clearly outlines. Excise tax, capital gains tax, city tax, state tax, personal property tax, payroll tax, sales tax, and more … all have to be paid by Donald Trump. He also contributes a lot to the actual economy of the United States from all of his business ventures and real estate. Simple enough ideas to grasp, but the mainstream media (who basically all work for Hillary Clinton at this point) can’t seem to report it the way that it is.

Headlines across the internet on many well known “publications” such as Washington Post, New York Times, Huffington Post, and more … all have either said that Trump paid “no taxes” for 20 years or something that alludes it. They are very careful to not label Trump as a “tax evader” because that is called libel if written, or slander if verbally said, both of which are offenses that can get very litigious and ruinous for many of these small newspapers. However, the wording they use behave as dog whistles to low information voters who do not like Trump, therefore behaving as sort of a “click-bait” … articles that have little substance, little truth, but a lot of eyes viewing them, which means more ad dollars.

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