Trump vs Hillary Final Presidential Debate of 2016 at UNLV: Recap and Reaction – 10.19.16

The third and final Presidential debate of 2016 between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was held at UNLV (University of Las Vegas) on Wednesday, October 19th, 2016. The moderator was Chris Wallace of Fox News. It aired on multiple networks from 9pm to 11pm Wednesday night, with live coverage. At this point, many people have made their mind up as it relates to who they will vote for on November 8th. This debate, if anything, may serve to help a person who is still on the fence to make a final decision, but for most people, this debate will be entertaining more than anything else, since their mind is already made up.

Topics covered in the debate included (but were not limited to) debt and entitlements, immigration, the economy, supreme court, foreign hot spots, and fitness to be President. Chris Wallace did a great job presenting and bridging the topics together, while at the same restraining the crowd which got a little excited at times, and also keeping Trump and Hillary under control to a certain extent. Donald Trump had a very strong performance and won the debate in the eyes of many, even though some confusing polls, like on the conservative website Breitbart, appeared to say otherwise. Hillary had a strong performance, but it was outshined by her corruption and unpopularity at this point.

WikiLeaks and Project Veritas videos did come up during the debate, and even if most people are skeptical of both, they most certainly did not help Hillary’s image. Trump’s image was somewhat damaged by the allegations of several women, but the groundswell support around him is so strong, going into the election out of this final debate, it won’t really matter.

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