Walter Scott Case Declared A Mistrial But Officer Michael Slager Not Off The Hook (REACTION)

On Monday, December 5th, 2016, a judge declared mistrial in the case of the Walter Scott shooting death at the hands of officer Michael Slager. In April of 2015, Walter Scott was pulled over in his vehicle by Michael Slager for a simple traffic violation. Everything went well with the stop at first. Scott handed over the information that he had and Slager went back to his vehicle to check everything out. But then, Scott got nervous due to his unpaid child support bills which, if found out by Slager, could send him *back* to jail. So while Slager was at his vehicle, he decides to get out of his car and attempt to leave. Slager tells him to get back in his car, he complies. But then he gets out again and runs, and that’s where everything goes downhill.

Michael Slager and Walter Scott get into a scuffle when Slager pursues Scott after Scott tried to run away from the traffic stop. Slager’s taser is knocked off of his hip while they are essentially wrestling on the ground. Shortly after this point, Scott begins to (slowly) run away from the scene while Slager is on the ground. Unfortunately, while Scott was at a safe distance away, Slager fires his service pistol and kills Scott. This is where the crux of the case lies. Was that action justified? Was it murder? Was it negligent homicide? Was it manslaughter? A jury of 12 was brought in to decide, but they could not reach a unanimous verdict due to one lone holdout juror who did *not* want to convict Slager of the charge on the table.

The media wants to frame the story of the 11 white jurors and 1 black juror as the sole black juror being on an island by themselves fighting against the 11 white jurors. As if all the white jurors wanted Slager to be innocent and the one black juror wanted him to be guilty. But the reality is the opposite. 11 of the jurors wanted a guilty verdict and only one of the jurors refused to vote the same way. Which means you have 10 whites and presumably one black person against one white person. Not the racist narrative the instigating media wants. There was even a note sent to the judge by the jurors expressing their collective disdain for the holdout juror.

At the end of the day, a mistrial does not mean Michael Slager beat the charge, as many on social media would like to believe. It simply means that he can be retried without risk of violating double-jeopardy. There has already been an official statement given that there will be a retrial, on top of the $6.5 million settlement already paid to Walter Scott’s family and the upcoming Federal Civil Rights Violation trial. Justice is not vengeance, and justice will be served, not vengeance.

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