Benjamin Netanyahu is Upset At Obama for USA’s Absence at Israel UN Resolution Vote (REACTION)

Benjamin Netanyahu is upset at the United States, and Barack Obama specifically for abstaining from the late December 2016 UN vote concerning Israel. The vote in question was Security Council resolution 2334, which says its settlements in the West Bank “had no legal validity, constituting a flagrant violation under international law and a major obstacle to the vision of two States living side-by-side in peace and security.” BiBi says the absence of a vote is a vote in favor of the resolution and that it is essentially a slap in the face to Israel. In addition to the condemnation of new settlements in the West Bank (and East Jerusalem) the resolution also has other language in it that deny Jewish claim to many sites in the region.

Many Jews in Israel and abroad have labelled the move as anti-semitic because it goes against the will of the Jewish people. Some say that it goes against Israel’s right to exist but giving credence to terrorists in surrounding countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and of course Palestine (or at least West Bank and Gaza Strip). In reality, the resolution from United Nations is non-binding and simply a suggestion. The same type of resolution was given in relation to Russia’s annexation of Crimea which had belonged to Ukraine. A resolution that Israel was curiously absent to vote on. Which is interesting because Netanyahu is upset with Obama for the USA’s absence on the Israel vote.

At the end of the day, this a very contentious and sensitive topic. Jews have allegedly been expelled over 100 times throughout the course of history. Israel was created in 1948 as a place where they would be left alone. However, the surrounding ideology of Islam and the presence of Arabs who were in the region before Europeans came from Russia, Ukraine, Germany, and Poland was bound to create a problem. The response of people who were already there has been party to take up arms, and partly to be subjugated by the Israeli government in concentration like conditions in places like Gaza. Israelis and others would contest that nation of concentration camp conditions saying that those Arabs are recent immigrants and chose to live there.

This will be an on-going conflict. Which is exactly why the UN passed the resolution. To prevent further aggravation of the native population and to work towards a two-state solution for peace. Netanyahu says Israel will not abide by the resolution, so the notion of peace seems to be a wish far gone. So the conflict will most likely continue, unfortunately.
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