Special Needs White Male Teenager Kidnapped and Tortured in Chicago By Four Black Thugs (REACTION)

On or around Tuesday, January 3rd 2017, an 18 year old white male with special needs was kidnapped and tortured by a gang of four black people, all of whom were right around the same age. The victim is a resident of a suburb outside of Chicago and when he was abducted, he was taken to an apartment on the Westside of Chicago, an area usually considered a ghetto. Chicago police have said that the victim was an acquaintance of one of his assailants. They also said he was targeted because of his fragile mental state. Which is probably one of the reasons but not the main reason. The main reason, of course, was because he is white. His captors kept him for at least 24 hours, but maybe as long as 48 hours.

The young man was tortured for much of this time and it was broadcast to Facebook live. Individuals in the background were shouting racial epithets at the young man. They talked about hating white people and also Donald Trump. At the threat of a knife or physical beating with fists, they forced the man to crawl on all fours like a dog. They made him drink toilet water directly from a dirty toilet. His hair was cut with the aforementioned knife in such a fashion that his scalp also sustained a deep laceration. They made him say that he hates white people and Donald Trump. During the broadcast, people in the background can be heard saying that they’re going to go viral.

Everything was done to the young mentally disabled man that could be done outside of ending his life. After enduring hours – possibly days – of torture, the victim was released from his captors’ custody. A distress call had been made to the police right around the same time, but the police did not rescue the young man from the captors. Police discovered him outside wearing shorts and no pants, which is a red flag Chicago during the winter month of January. And of course, he was distressed and in crisis. As someone would be after being tortured for an extended period of time. Especially as a person with special needs.

Chicago police have gone on record to say that since the people in question are all around 18 that their ages would be taken into question when the possibility of charging this case as a hate crime comes out. Which really sounds like an attempt to give them a slap on the wrist. Many civil rights violations happened during the course of the Facebook live video. Anything other than harsh prison time is simply a miscarriage of justice, something that would never be in question if the races of the victims and the perpetrators were to be reversed.

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