Jeff Sessions Opts To Recuse Himself From Russia Investigation, But Should He Have?

On Thursday, March 2nd 2017, Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from any investigation into the Russian Federation’s involvement with electioneering in the 2016 Presidential Campaign and Election of Donald Trump. This came on the heels of a Washington Post story that accused him of lying to Al Franken during his confirmation hearing. He did not lie to Franken, because the question that was asked was about him operating as an intermediary between Trump and Russia, not about meeting with anyone from Russia at all in an unrelated capacity. But the question about recusing him was raised regardless by the majority of the left, and a few lone stragglers on the right. Sessions did recuse himself, but not because he lied (which he didn’t) and not because of any involvement with the Russian Federation in an improper way.

Sessions recused himself because he met with staff and asked them for their advice when it comes to whether or not he should be involved with an investigation into Russia and the Trump campaign due to his involvement with the campaign at certain points. He did not want to create a conflict of interest. This meeting was scheduled on Monday to happen on Thursday, which it did. The Washington Post story came out Wednesday night at around 10:00pm. Which seems to be very strange timing, or a big co-incidence. Maybe the Washington Post knew there would be a meeting to discuss recusing himself on Thursday, so they put the Russian story out there right before so the news media can say he recused himself because of their story, and not because of a prior meeting about a separate issue?

It’s difficult to tell. Either way, Jeff Sessions may have done the correct thing. He did not lie, so there will be no charges of perjury. If that happens, it will just serve as fodder for delegitimizing the left the way they’re trying to delegitimize the right. He will not resign because there is no reason to. He will stay as Attorney General and avoid any backlash from the situation by stepping aside in this particular case. Democrats, some on the right, and some who are party-ambiguous that want to see Trump fail may continue their assault, but in the end, the righteous will win.

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