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Donald Trump has apparently accused Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower during and/or after the 2016 Presidential Campaign. The allegation was not 100% solid as the words “wires tapped” was in quotations. Maybe as a protection to prevent anyone from suing Trump. Mainstream media said that this claim is totally unsubstantiated and a spokesperson for Mr. Obama said that Trump’s claim is flat out false. A reporter on ABC news said that there is a glimpse of Truth in Trump’s tweet. If the Russian allegations were levied against the Trump campaign during the election cycle, that may be enough to trigger probable cause and initiate a surveillance campaign on Trump. The story is still unfolding.

Another issue is the Jewish Community Center hoax. The FBI has arrested a black male former journalist for “The Intercept” Juan Thompson for making bomb threats against at least 8 Jewish Community Centers and/or schools. He has not been implicated in all of the bomb threats, nor has he been implicated in the desecration of several Jewish cemeteries. But one thing this arrest does do is shine a light on how false many of these stories of victimhood and blame on the “usual suspect” are. The typical person would expect this case to end with a “white supremacist” a la a Dylann Roof to be arrested… but of course.. The proverbial “opposite” is actually the case. As it has been many times in recent history.

Join us LIVE on tonight’s show to discuss it and check out the recorded stream if you were not able to catch it live. There will also be a general Q&A portion of the show in which your host, Anthony Brian Logan, will be reading comments directly from the live chat which will also be shown in real-time embedded on the actual on-screen video. Enjoy the show and please check out the links below for more information about the aforementioned stories, ways to follow ABL LIVE on social media, and of course … ways to donate to ABL LIVE to keep the party rolling.

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