Donald Trump’s Michael Flynn “Immunity” Tweets Controversy is Much Ado About Nothing (REACTION)

Michael Flynn has been in the eye of the news media for allegedly asking for immunity from the FBI in exchange for testimony about Donald Trump’s administration as it relates to any “collusion” or improprieties with Russia during the Presidential election. On one hand, the news media is saying that Michael Flynn directly asked for immunity. Some have said that this request was outright rejected, some say it’s still pending. On the other hand, other parts of the news media (and some of the same parts through retraction) have stated that Donald Trump said Flynn should seek immunity, not that Flynn himself has asked for it.

It is true that Donald Trump tweeted that Flynn should seek immunity. This is because the whole situation is a witch hunt, and immunity could prevent him from being tied up in unreasonable charges. Such as laws that are rarely enforced. Vague interpretations of regulations violations that could land Flynn either behind bars or with a lofty civil penalty. Any punishment at all would not only place Flynn in a bad situation personally but could also be used to further attempt to discredit the Trump administration and keep the Russia-as-the-villain narrative going well into the next campaign cycle.

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