Democrat Jon Ossoff Fails to Flip Georgia’s Sixth Even With $8 Million in Outside Money (REACTION)

Liberal Democrat Jon Ossoff, a 30 year old former Congressional Aide, just narrowly lost a “jungle primary” election for Georgia’s Sixth District (north of Atlanta.) A lot of celebrity and media attention was given to this race, even from Donald Trump himself, largely because of the implications down the road Ossoff winning would have.

Georgia’s Sixth has traditionally been a Republican stronghold and it had been left vacant recently because the person who had the seat, Tom Price, became part of Donald Trump’s cabinet as the Health and Human Services Secretary. Therefore, the “jungle primary” (a race where everyone from every party campaigns against each other) had to take place to fill it. There were a total of 11 Republicans, 5 Democrats, and 2 Independents in the primary. If Ossoff was to get a majority of the vote, he would have won outright and there would be no need for a runoff. He gained 48% of the vote which is a lot, but not enough to prevent a head-to-head runoff in June with the next highest vote-getter, Karen Handel, who got 20% of the vote.

This race was able to gain a lot of attention because if Democrats took the seat away from Republicans, then it would represent a “flip” which would have given the Democrats some momentum going into the 2018 Midterm Election cycle. Their goal is to flip as many seats as possible to regain control in Government to fight against Trump, and to also bolster their chances for regaining the White House in 2020. Ossoff was so important to the Democrat party that he received over $8.3 million dollars for his campaign. This is a lot of money considering Virginia had a similar race in the “high house” that was labeled as one of the most expensive in Virginia’s history in which both candidates had a little less than $1.5 million each. Tom Price’s former seat is in the “low house” so $8.3 million is an absurd amount of money.

Most of the donations for the campaign came from outside of the state, mainly from California. A lot of Hollywood actors and California politicians, along with the mainstream media are galvanizing to gain more Democrat seats in Government, even in small districts like parts of the Atlanta metro area.

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