If A Person Can Be Transgender Then Why Can’t They Be Transracial?

A very simple question. If a person can be transgender, then why not transracial? Many people may view that question as one that is insensitive, maybe even homophobic or transphobic. But is it? It is a question asked on a philosophical level, to address real and current social issues, not one meant to downplay the other. If the answer to the question just so happens to downplay one, the other, both, or all that may stem from the same tree, then so be it. But that is simply not the intended purpose. The question is asked because Western Society is at a point where certain taboos are becoming normalized, so other taboos and/or strange topics fill the void … the space in-between not being socially acceptable and being socially accepted.

Take for example the case of Rachel Dolezal. A woman who is by all intents and purposes white as white could be. If she fled to Europe, she’d fit right in. In her mind, she thinks differently. She braids black hair, at one point was a local NAACP leader, she was married to a black man, had black children, and considered herself black. She did a recent interview in which the term “transracial” was bandied about, with little actual resistance. Another person that can be mentioned here is the former Black Lives Matter leader and current social activist / journalist … Shaun King. A man who was born white to white parents but identifies as being black. And a black leader on top of that. A man who accepted a scholarship designated for black men to attend a black college.

Are these people to be accepted or are they be ridiculed? And if so, why? If being transgender is acceptable, why not transracial? Neither one of them are rooted in any type of science. Bill Nye the “Science” Guy at one point had a segment on his very popular 1990’s television show in which it was highlighted that having XX or XY chromosomes determine whether you are a male or female. But what chromosomes determine transgenderism? Or transracialism? Or attackhelicopterism? If one must be accepted, then they all must be accepted. Even though the obvious solution is that none are accepted as normal or somehow rooted in science, and recognized as a person’s right to think whatever they’d like without it dictating governmental policy.

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