Greg Gianforte Body Slams Liberal Reporter Ben Jacobs But Still Wins Montana Election (REACTION)

Bozeman, Montana businessman and Republican politician Greg Gianforte has won the special election in which he was running against Democrat Rob Quist. This comes after a much-publicized scuffle with a reporter from The Guardian by the name of Ben Jacobs. No video of the incident has surfaced as of yet, but there is audio in which Jacobs can be heard asking Gianforte a question at which point the scuffle ensues. Ben Jacobs is heard saying “you body-slammed me and broke my glasses” in a clam voice while Gianforte sounds very agitated with reporters in general. Nobody was hurt in the situation and Gianforte has been charged with misdemeanor assault.

Liberal journalists all over the United States and many in the Democrat party immediately seized an opportunity to blow this situation out of proportion for political purposes. The melee happened right before the special election which had been infused with a lot of outside money to sway the Congressional seat from Republican to Democrat, similar to what happened in Atlanta, Georgia with Democrat Jon Ossoff. Don Lemon is one of many journalists that say this “environment” of “violence towards reporters” has been fostered under Donald Trump because he has been outspoken against biased media.

Politicizing this event doesn’t make a lot of sense because since the beginning of man, people get upset and people fight. Reporters fight with each others and sometimes the people that reporters are speaking to get upset with them and fight. It is not necessarily a common occurrence, but it most certainly does happen on occasion and has been for a very long time. To blame Trump is not only scapegoating, but it is an obvious political ploy to give one party a boost over another. And that mentality from the media does not excuse any violence from them or against them, but it most certainly underlines why many are upset with the media.







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