Truth And Lies Behind The “Amnesty Don” Kerfuffle: DACA Deal, Wall & Conservative Revolt

The trending topic “Amnesty Don” has been floating around the internet, especially Twitter, for a little while now as of Friday, September 15th 2017. It all began after news broke of Trump closing a deal with Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer as it relates to DACA and the wall at the southern border. Popular conservative personalities Ann Coulter and Mike Cernovich were speaking in very harsh language against Donald Trump because of this. Coulter was talking about impeaching Trump and Cernovich came with a flurry of negative tweets based on the premise that no wall was coming and that amnesty was instead. Much of it seemed too early due to there being no official announcement one way or another from the White House, let alone Donald Trump himself.

As a little bit of time progressed – just a few hours, actually – more information was able to be revealed. First of all, Donald Trump came out and said that there would be no amnesty and that the wall will be built. In fact, the wall is under construction right now in terms of renovating existing structures. As it relates to DACA, there will be a bipartisan deal on the table that pleases both sides, but again, amnesty is not on the table. Second of all, the current administration wants to reduce legal immigration by half. So rather than taking in over one million legal immigrants per year, the United States would take in about 500,000. Third, Trump wants to eliminate “chain migration” completely if a deal were to be struck. Which means that citizens won’t be able to get their family member or spouse here just due to relation.

Many conservatives who are upset with the President want him to wave a magic wand and have ICE round up then deport 11 to 25 million illegal immigrants. A great concept in theory but one not rooted in reality. Donald Trump’s focus appears to be on reducing the amount of people who come into the country by tighter border security, the wall, less incentives, and tighter scrutiny. 800,000 people signed up to Barack Obama’s program and ending it may pose some legal challenges. So to govern in a bipartisan way to give one side a little bit and the other (correct) side more seems like a good deal for the country.







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