Paul Manafort Indicted Due To Dealings With Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chair John Podesta (REACTION)

Donald Trump’s former 2016 Campaign Chair, Paul Manafort has been indicted by special prosecutor Bob Mueller on money laundering charges that go back as far as 2006. The allegations center around his work in Ukraine with the Podesta group, of which John Podesta (Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign Chair) is a member. It is alleged that Manafort laundered at least $18 million in ways that would shield it from prying eyes such as the IRS. The indictment says that he spent the money on a lavish lifestyle including expensive suits and cars. Manafort’s protege, Rick Gates, was also indicted on money laundering charges. He has been accused of siphoning around $3 million to and/or from offshore accounts.

George Papadopoulos, a former foreign policy advisory council member, was not indicted on Monday but it was revealed that he pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI three weeks ago. His particular incident stems from a January 2017 interview where he made a false statement about the timing of a conversation that he had with a “Russian professor” with alleged ties to the Kremlin who had dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Nothing in the indictments say anything about Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign. Most of the alleged incidents happened well before he decided he was going to run. The purpose of indicting Manafort (especially him) is simply to get leverage. Maybe Manafort is given a deal by the prosecution if he rolls on Trump. At that point, he may be eligible for a plea bargain in which he admits guilt, but gets lesser time. Which could be what George Papadopoulos has already done which is why there is no news of indictment but there is news of a guilty verdict.







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