Donald Trump Meets With Black Pastors – My Reaction

Donald Trump had a closed-doors meeting with black pastors at Trump Towers in New York City on Monday, November 30, 2015. This was actually meeting #3 in a series of meetings with black pastors and Donald Trump. This particular get-together of sorts was primarily about the economy, and Trump’s plans to help things out as it relates to the black community’s serious issues with unemployment.

Former “Apprentice” star Omarosa Manigault was front center at the impromptu press conference at Trump Towers after Monday’s meeting. A well known face, also a friend of Donald Trump, Omorosa was most likely the main conduit connecting all of the pastors with Donald Trump. This is a very important detail to mention, because as each presidential campaign gets into the “dog days of winter” so to speak, everyone will need to have a solid team that can reach across the proverbial aisle of unique communities in the United States. This is also great for the GOP in general, who gets accused of not reaching out to the black community enough.

Many pastors, even some who attended Monday’s meeting, have criticized trump for his stance on black issues. Recently, he “retweeted” a graphic about black crime statistics that had a major error. It stated that “whites kill whites at a rate of 16% and blacks kill whites at a rate of 81%. Anyone who reads racial crime statistics enough will recognize that those two percentage numbers simply got flipped, but the news media got a hold of it and labeled the entire graphic bogus.

There was another incident where a “black lives matter” protester was thrown out of a Trump rally, after he attempted to disrupt it. Donald Trump responded by saying “maybe he should have got roughed up!” Understandably so, to a certain degree, this caused concern with lock and step black Democrat parishioners of many black churches that pastors have to report back to. These incidences caused many pastors to back off of the “endorsement” they possibly were going to give Trump.

In this video, I touch on the aforementioned subjects and I break down what the meeting means for the black community going forward.

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Page 12 of this chart shows that blacks commit more murders than whites in the United States and gives exact percentages:

Leading Causes of death in the United States by race:

List of murders committed by race; also list of murder victims by race in the United States:

At the post-meeting press conference, Pastor Darrell Scott says Donald Trump is not who the liberal media makes him out to be:

FOX News Coverage of Donald Trump meeting with Black Pastors at Trump Towers:

Donald Trump thought the meeting was going to be an en masse endorsement by 100 pastors, but it wound up not being so:

Jamal Bryant refers to black pastors who met with Donald Trump as “prostitutes” in a Periscope video shared via Twitter: