My Case Against 20 Conservatives Attacking Trump in The National Review

Donald Trump was attacked by NeoConservatives at the National Review Magazine on Thursday night, January 21, 2016 via a collection of 20 short essays penned by top conservative voices. The Washington DC beltway-based magazine did this speak out against the Presidential candidacy Trump. They say he is essentially a liberal and a flip flopper.

Some of the top names featured in the hit-piece were famed economist Thomas Sowell, conservative voice and sometimes radio host Erick Erickson, former Fox News host and current “The Blaze” radio show host Glenn Beck, Dana Loesch, and many others, including two former Attorney Generals.

Many similar arguments were raised in each essay that I read. They say Donald Trump is essentially a liberal who openly identified as a liberal supporter as recently as 2011. They say he was for abortion, imminent domain, single payer healthcare, income redistribution, Obamacare, amnesty, and more. Another core argument is the fact that the only reason he is polling so far above and beyond everyone else is because of the American people’s frustration with the lack of GOP policy efficacy.

Contributors to this National Review piece are able to identify the reason why Trump is so popular, but they don’t really understand why Trump has to be the guy people put their faith in. Maybe people don’t think conservative policies are effective anymore? Maybe people are just trying to go in a different direction, rather than the same old establishment mantra that publications such as the National Review push. In the end, their hit piece will do little to promote their brand, and much more to promote the brand of Donald Trump. It will energize his fans who want nothing to do with the establishment types over at the National Review.

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