IOC Rules Transgender Athletes can Compete in Olympics Without Sex Change Surgery (REACTION)

The IOC has ruled that transgender athletes do not need to undergo gender reassignment surgery to compete in the Olympics. The International Olympic Committee says this is a ruling that comes about during the current political climate of acceptance and inclusion of transgender people into modern society. It has received much applause from the LGBT community, but it has also received much negative kickback from those outside of the LGBT community.

A big question that must be asked is… is the decision to allow transgender athletes to compete with their new gender fair to those who are biologically that gender? In fairness, women are also allowed to compete with men without having gender reassignment. So, in that case, the biological men may be at an advantage in most cases. But in the case of biological men becoming women then competing with women, how is that fair? Biological men are physically superior to women. That’s just science. So the end result would be a lopsided competitive edge in favor of the biological man competing as a woman.

There are no restrictions at all for women who want to compete as men. All they have to do is identify as men and they will be allowed to compete as a man with other men. In the case of biological men competing as women, however, they must prove that they have undergone hormone therapy for a year and their testosterone levels must be below a certain level for one year. Is it that simple to become a woman, just change your testosterone level? Even if a man was to remove his sex organ, his physical body would still be superior to that of a woman, which is unfair. It will be interesting to see how this story pans out.

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International Olympic Committee IOC rules transgender athletes can take part in Olympics without surgery

Transgender Athletes Can Now Compete in Olympics Without Surgery

Transgender atheletes to be allowed to compete as the other sex in the Olympics WITHOUT having gender reassignment surgery