Obama Says Let Transgender Students Use Bathrooms According To Gender Identity, Or Else!

President Barack Obama announced a letter that will be issued to public schools across the country with a list of guidances for transgender students being able to use the bathroom that they gender identify with. In said letter, no new laws will be expressed, nor have there been any new laws created for the set of guidances in the letter. However, there does exist a veiled threat from the Federal Government. If a public school does not follow the guidelines within the letter, then they may lose federal funding under Title IX… and they may also be subject to lawsuits. Presumably from the federal and/or local governments.

Many people have come out to label this letter “blackmail.” A government official in Texas has called it blackmail and also said that they don’t need “Obama’s 30 pieces of silver.” Rodney Cavness, who is a Texas school administrator and a father of girls, said that placing boys in the girls bathroom is simply unsafe and that he will not comply. There have been angry responses from all across the country.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory seems to be in the epicenter of it all, in many different ways. First of all, his “House Bill 2” #HB2 bill is the one that may have prompted the reaction from Obama and the DOJ. House Bill 2 states that you must use the restroom that corresponds to your birth gender. Which, of course, sparked much protest from the LGBT community and much of the left.

Another big issue in all of this is the case of Gavin Grimm. Grimm is a biological female who now identifies as a male and sued Gloucester County/Commonwealth of Virginia to use the male restroom at their high school, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit ruled in their favor. Governor McCrory is also attempting to reverse that decision, in an attempt to make House Bill 2 have more of a legal leg to stand on.

Hopefully, more brave men and women step up to reverse the damaging, hedonistic images and lifestyles that are currently being promoted to our children in the West. It is not sustainable and will eventually be conquered by a more barbaric, but cohesive and masculine culture, as what is happening right now in Europe with an invasive horde from a certain part of Asia.

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