X-Men’s Apocalypse Chokes Mystique On Billboard, Rose McGowan Triggered, Fox Apologizes (REACTION)

20th Century Fox apologized for billboards and advertisements of a scene from X-Men Apocalypse featuring Apocalypse choking Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique. Their apology came after a small social media outcry as Rose McGowan (of “Charmed” fame) made a big fuss about it to “Hollywood Reporter.” McGowan’s argument is that the poster advocates violence towards women and that there is no context, other than “Jennifer Lawrence being strangled.” She also got into identity politics in general saying that there would be equal outrage if a black man was being choked by a white man, and/or a gay man being choked by a “hetero” man. Her statements make sense in the mind of an SJW (Social Justice Warrior) … but to the average fan of the X-Men/Marvel Universe, they are just a bunch of empty noise.

Lack of context to the image of Apocalypse “strangling” Mystique is not clear to those who aren’t looking for it or are looking for something else. Prime example, if a person’s mind is fixated on finding an issue to rail about and be offended about, then the poster can be seen as something that supports domestic violence. If a person understands X-Men and Marvel Universe lore, then they see two powerful mutants engaged in a struggle. To a person who is not an SJW or deep into Marvel/X-Men lore… they would (or should) see a blue guy choking a blue girl in a fantasy situation. Most people can understand that the situation is not real, and they won’t confuse it as such.

All of this just points to the general direction of the United States in current day 2016. There are less and less civil liberties afforded to the majority to placate to the small, but powerful and vocal, minority. Lines in the sand that have been established for many, many years are now vanishing away. There used to be a time where men and women were the only ones to get married. Now, the supreme court says everyone can get married. Of course, that’s not enough for SJW people. The line in the sand that was erased to get “marriage equality” to be drawn just a few feet down the beach will be erased over and over again until there are no more lines to be drawn. No more boundaries, no more civil liberty. Since Rose McGowan and other SJWs were successfully able to get 20th Century Fox to edit it’s marketing materials, what’s next? Maybe SJWs will be able to get movies censored to fit their agenda before they come out! It’s hard to see exactly what the future holds, but it’s clear to see where it’s headed.

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