Transgender Americans Now Allowed in Military, You May Pay For Their Sex Change (REACTION)

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has announced that the Pentagon will no longer ban transgender Americans from Military service. This revelation comes shortly after the VA made an announcement that they may handle sex change operation surgeries for veterans at their facilities. So, the logical conclusion here is that active duty military will now be able to obtain sex change operations subsidized by the tax payer, as a non-transgender military person would have their medical procedures taken care of.

This decision, of course, has caused outrage. If not outrage, then confusion. Why is it necessary to have transgender soldiers in the United States military? We have to maintain a strong front without weak links, so why have individuals that have damaged their bodies to become someone else, or those that may have mental problems due to gender confusion? Others see it has a victory for LGBT rights. They think that transgender people being accepted into the military is a necessary thing for gays to be accepted into general society more.

The truth, however, lies not even necessarily in-between those two statements, but at a different place altogether. The Senate, with bi-partisan support, has suggested that women be required to sign up for selective service when they turn 18 years old, just as men are required to do already. Selective service is a list that the United States will draw from, if they ever decide to bring back the draft. in the case of an emergency, when the nation requires soldiers to fight, women may be drafted just like the men. So this could just simply be a pre-emptive measure. To prevent transgender people, or anyone -claiming- to be transgender, from being left out of the equation when it comes time to draft, since they were not allowed in the military before. A landmark victory for the LGBT community and angering decision for many staunch conservatives, may just be a smokescreen to corral as many individuals possible in the pool of candidates to be drafted if the time ever came. Which could be sooner than later.

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