Korryn Gaines Shot Killed By Baltimore County Police After Shotgun Standoff (REACTION) #KorrynGaines

At about 9:30AM on August 1, 2016, a standoff between Korryn Gaines, a mother of 2, and Baltimore County police began at her residence in Randallstown, Maryland. The standoff began when police tried, unsuccessfully, to get the occupants of the home in which Korryn Gaines resided in to exit, so the police could execute bench warrants.

Two warrants were to be served, one for a failure to appear in court, issued as a result of Ms. Gaines failing to exit her vehicle during a traffic stop in which she had an invalid license plate and no insurance on the vehicle. In the place of a license plate, she had a piece of cardboard with some sovereign citizen stuff written on it, which is, of course, invalid in any state. After many chances given to her to walk home – which was close by the actual place where they pulled her over – the police had to extract her from the vehicle and arrest her. They gave her a court date, which she did not show up for, hence the bench warrant.

The second warrant was for Kareem Courtney, her boyfriend. The warrant was issued as a result of Korryn Gaines filing a domestic dispute against him, weeks prior.

To move forward to the events of Monday August 1st, police are outside of the residence and they are engaging in negotiations from the outside. They then obtain a key from an outside person, at this point they can see Korryn Gaines sitting on the ground with the child nearby. The shotgun is also in plain view, which she immediately wields at the officers. At this point, she is not standing up while holding the child like some reports say, she’s still sitting down while wielding the gun. They take cover, then begin negotiations and call the tactical team.

The police fall back and get into tactical positions. Backup is called, which includes better trained negotiators in this situation which could be considered hostage, because there are other people inside. After a few minutes of negotiating, the man in the home, Kareem Courtney, exits without a struggle, and is brought into custody. He takes the younger child, the one year old, with him, and does not take the 5 year old or the mother. So, at this point, it’s just Ms. Gaines and her 5 year old child in the home.

Negotiations drag on until about 4pm Monday afternoon. The police say sometimes the talks are going well, other times, not so well. Ms. Gaines eventually wields the weapon again and this time, directly threatens to kill the officers if they don’t leave. One shot is fired from the officers at this point, if it hit someone or not is not currently known. She then proceeds to fire several shots at the officers, they fire back and she dies. The child receives an arm injury, but the source of the injury is not known and he is in great condition.

This situation could have been avoided with simple compliance. Something that the Black Lives (LIES) matter movement appears to be against. Hopefully, this will be a wakeup call to anyone else out there who attempts to live in an alternate reality than the rest of Americans. Black Lies Matter is a cancer that will continue to kill, and the cure is common sense and decency.

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