US Pays Iran $400 Million in Cash Via Plane, American Hostages Released Same Day. Was it Ransom?

It has been revealed recently that the United States Government paid the Iranian Government $400 million cash, in foreign currency of Swiss Francs and Euros only, the same day that 4 American hostages were released from Iran. Many in the mainstream media, especially those of us on the right, have labeled this what it appears to be – a ransom payment. It’s pretty clear that the hostages would not have been released without the money being paid, at that point in time. The left wing media is trying to downplay the importance of the cash payments, while at the same time giving many of the more complicated facts of the case that the right wing media is not giving. President Obama has given a response to the “ransom” claims, but his response essentially parrots what the left wing media has been saying.

As with most stories that are not so black and white, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

The cash exchange was part of the Iranian nuclear deal, which included a provision from a International tribunal at the Hague that was created in 1981 during the Algiers Accords. The Algiers Accords were necessary because of a botched weapons deal between the United States and Iran that just so happened to be developing during the Iranian Revolution, in which the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, was deposed – in favor of the Ayatollah Khomeini. The Nation of Iran had already paid the United States money before the fall of the Shah, but after the Shah fell, the United States did not deliver on their end of the bargain because they did cut of all ties with the new Islamic regime of Iran, which included freezing Iranian assets held in the United States.

Fast forward to present-day, the tribunal court that was established in 1981 during the Algiers Accords was still on-going, and a decision had yet to be made. When the United States, in a coalition with other nations, including Russia and China, along with Iran, agreed upon the Iranian nuclear deal, the Algiers Accords issue was also resolved. Iran was asking for $10 billion in interest and inflation costs from the money that the United Stats was holding onto from 1979, the United States agreed to settle for $1.7 billion. The $400 million was the first payment installment, and it had to be paid in cash without US bills because by law, the US is not allowed to give Iran dollars, and Iran is still locked out of much of world banking.

A not-so-sexy story that doesn’t involve high-risk hostage negotiation and big payouts, but the truth is always better than a half truth or an outright lie.

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