Baltimore Police Department DOJ Report REACTION: Is There Racism? The Answer Is No And Here’s Why

On Wednesday, August 10, 2016, The Department of Justice (DOJ) Civl Rights Division, headed up by Vanita Gupta, released a 164-page report of their investigation into the Baltimore City Police Department. The investigation was done at the request of Baltimore’s Mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, shortly after the death of Freddie Gray, who died at a hospital after being in police custody in April of 2015.

The report essentially says that Baltimore Police routinely, and systemically, violated the Constitutional rights of African Americans in Baltimore. It accuses the police of racial bias against them. Which of course does not make sense, seeing as how Baltimore, a majority black city, also has a nearly majority black police force, a black mayor in Stephanie Rawlings Blake, a black state’s Attorney in Marilyn Mosby, and a black former Police Commissioner in Anthony Batts. Baltimore is a black city ran by black people. How can there be any claims of racism against blacks?

In the report, there are allegations of black being pulled over, questioned, and searched more than their white/hispanic/Asian counterparts. Many articles online don’t get into detail as to why blacks are pulled over and questioned more, as it appears that the simple fact of it happening is enough to explain it away. But the question of “why” must be asked. Is it because of race, or is it because blacks are more likely to be involved with and/or commit crime? One statistic said that 44% of stops occurred in two areas that represented 11% of the population as some sort of evidence to back up the report’s claims. A casual observer would see that statistic and understand those two areas are simply high crime areas were police interaction will naturally be higher as well.

The report drones on and on about some of the same social justice warrior (SJW) issues. The main thing to be taken from it is that policing in black ghetto areas is different than areas that are not that way. Which is logical, because black ghetto areas are not the same as non black areas. Maybe certain individuals, like Vanita Gupta, don’t understand that. But for the sake of the black community’s well-being, they ought to know by now.

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