Digging To The Core of Rigged Polls – Why They Matter … And Polling Bias Against Trump

The mainstream media is doing all they can to squash talks of rigged elections and rigged / biased polling that emanate from the Donald Trump camp and from conservatives in general. Problem is that there are all sorts of signs coming from every single direction that point towards biased and rigged polling being a clear reality. Polls are coming out wildly divergent from one another from day to day. A poll could say Donald Trump is up by 5 points one day, then down by 8 points the very next day. Most polls that the mainstream media manages to produce have Donald Trump losing, even though the reality on the ground appears to be the exact opposite.

At a certain point, the American people are going to demand answers. Why are the polls saying that Trump is losing when it’s clear that Hillary is losing on the ground? Judging from the online chatter and the sheer presence of Trump supporters at rallies, it’s not close. Hillary struggles to gather small crowds at her rallies while Donald Trump consistently has tens of thousands of people wherever he is when the capacity of the place allows for it. It’s clear that this is rattling the establishment.

The effort on both sides of the “ball” so to speak to get Trump out of a position to where he could win is fierce. Unprecedented, no pun intended. Media and political bias knows no bounds. Rigged and “oversampled” polling data is just another trick in the book of those that wish to deceive the American people, fooling them into voting for their establishment sweetheart in Hillary Clinton. It’s up to the American people to not take their eyes off of aforementioned ball and to not get caught up in the onslaught of lies from those that control the very powerful conditioning and messaging system in mainstream media. And it’s up to other Americans to use whatever tools available to combat mainstream media messaging with a message of our own.

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