Fidel Castro Dies And The Reactions Have Been Partisan From The Left But They Shouldn’t Be

Fidel Castro, former President of Cuba described as dictator by the majority, died on Friday, November 25, 2016 at the age of 90. The details of his death are not quite clear yet, but one can assume it was due to his advanced age. Fidel’s brother, Raul Castro, has been leading the country for about the past 10 years in place of Fidel. Raul is 85 years old himself, so the old guard of Cuba’s communism may be coming to an end soon. But as of the moment of Fidel’s death, communism is still alive and well in Cuba and isn’t going anywhere.

Reactions to Fidel Castro’s death have been all over the place. Some, like much of the Cuban community in Miami Florida celebrating. People currently living in Little Havana remember the circumstances that forced them to leave Cuba. Some arrived to the United States via the infamous “Mariel Boatlift” in which Fidel Castro bragged about “flushing the toilets” of Cuba upon the shores of the Untied States. While he did expel many criminals that wreaked havoc on South Florida, he also expelled small children and elderly people that did not pose risks to anyone and struggled to survive in a new place without any means to really do so.

Politically, the reaction has been interesting. Donald Trump gave a strong statement disavowing Castro’s regime. Obama gave a middle of the road statement not condemning or celebrating Castro. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, both of Cuban heritage, spoke very strongly against crimes committed against citizens of Cuba by the communist regime in place. Cruz spoke of relatives, male and female, being tortured in Cuban prisons as teenagers that dared to speak out against Castro. Marco Rubio’s parents were political refugees and his stories were similar to that of Ted Cruz and many other Cuban ex-pats.

The left is making it a partisan issue because many of them celebrate Fidel Castro as a romanticized figure rather than looking at the facts and actually speaking to Cubans like most people on the right do. It shouldn’t be that way. Everyone should be able to look at facts and come to a logical conclusion not clouded by political ideology. Wishes, unfortunately, don’t always come true.

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