Big Liars Brian Williams & Hillary Clinton Complain About FAKE NEWS, Trump and Russia (REACTION)

Hillary Clinton gave a speech on Capitol Hill on Friday, December 9th, 2016 as it relates to the impact of “fake news” on the 2016 Presidential Campaign, and other things happening right now in society. This comes on the heels of the “Pizza-gate” scandal causing a man to drive from North Carolina to “Comet Pizza” in Washington DC to investigate a underage sex ring. He wound up firing a gun inside the establishment. Nobody was hurt, but of course he was arrested. The mainstream media was quick to instantly label the scandal as a result of “fake news” … but there doesn’t seem to be any investigative work done to prove that true or false.

On MSNBC, they aired a graphic showing a “heat map” of sorts that shows the origin of “fake news” coming from Donald Trump’s tweets and/or re-tweets. Most of the websites were right-leaning with a few left wing rags sprinkled in the mix. But there was no such heat map produced for Hillary Clinton, when it has been confirmed that her campaign has spread lies. And they have done so for years. Hillary Clinton’s campaign was the first to say that Obama may not be a United States citizen. Even though Trump is labeled as racist for being an Obama birther. The liberal media has said that Trump does not pay taxes, which is a play on words that is meant to appear true, even though it is false.

Mainstream liberal media also told Americans every night that Trump was going to lose. Poll after poll, focus group after focus group all said the exact same thing. Trump was losing, and that he would lose in the general election via landslide. But everyone on the ground, living and breathing in the world, knew that to be false. Most Americans watching mainstream media know they are being lied to. This kerfuffle about “fake news” is no different.

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