Boy Scouts Of America Have Died; Now Accepting Transgender Boys (REACTION)

Following a New Jersey lawsuit filed by the parent of a transgender boy who was born as a girl, the Boy Scouts of America will now allow transgender boys to join the Boy Scouts. This is a reversal of a 100+ year long policy that kept the Boy Scouts… for boys. Not girls, which would be the girl scouts. This comes only about two years or so after gay adults were allowed to become Scout Leaders in the Boy Scouts. Aside from the dangerous obviously dangerous combination that this could be, it also represents the end of an era.

If girls are allowed to dress as boys and become Boy Scouts, then what is the Boy Scouts really? Why have the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts if boys and girls are allowed to join one and eventually both? Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts center around many of them same things but at the same time, they center around different things. Boy Scouts don’t sell the cookies. Boy Scouts focus on things that will shape them into well-rounded men as adults. Same goes for the girls, who focus on things that will make them well-rounded women. With the absence of a focus on developing a person based on their gender, then what are we left with?

The end result may be something totally unmanageable. A place where parents will be afraid to send their children. A place where children will go to camp and return home completely confused. Empty vessels being filled with clouds of uncertainty and doubt. A truly unfortunate situation, but one that could have been seen coming from a mile away. The only hope in this story is that there could be some type of federal intervention and reversal, or at least an uprising from the parents of the children involved. If that doesn’t happen, then this won’t be the last pillar of American society to be attacked.

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