Watch A Black Conservative React to The 84 Lumber Super Bowl Commercial; Illegal Immigration

Super Bowl 51 (Super Bowl LI) was at the center of the eyes of many all over the United States (and the world for that matter) not just because it is the largest US sporting event of the year, but because of the ancillary things that come with the game. The halftime show featuring Lady Gaga was rumored to have a political overtone, but wound up just being pretty average. Nothing spectacularly good or bad, just average. Commercials are always a big part of the game due to the large viewership and money necessary to purchase highly coveted ad space during game breaks. The current political climate of the country had many fearing and/or expecting political charged commercials. Most companies stayed away from this, but some embraced it.

Two commercials stood out as far as embracing a political message are concerned. The first one was Anheuser-Busch, the famous beer company. Their ad spoke about how the founders of the company reached the shores of the United States from Germany during the war. While it had a pro-immigrant message, it didn’t go deep and explore very controversial political talking points. 84 Lumber on the other hand, took a very contentious stance and went much deeper than all the other commercials during the big game.

84 Lumber decided to air a commercial that featured a woman with a young girl attempting to make their way to the United States through the southern border, illegally. The full commercial (which was not shown in it’s entirety during the game) showed them leaving their home somewhere south of the border and their various points of travel until they got to the border. It showed them riding the infamous “La Bestia” and talking to people, possibly paying them, for rides. It also showed them in the wide open desert. All of which were depicted in a highly unrealistic way. The commercial also showed the wall being built (presumably Donald Trump’s wall) by workers, many of whom were Hispanic. It ended with a guy in his truck, presumably with some good 84 Lumber, building a door in the wall and driving away. The mother and the daughter walk through the door, only to see more desert.

84 Lumber’s commercial romanticized illegal immigration and did not speak of all the dangers a woman and her daughter would face on the trek to the border. All in an apparent attempt to placate to their base, many of whom are illegal immigrant workers.

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