Germany Rocked By Three Attacks In 24 Hours, Machete, Axe, and Gas (REACTION)

Dusseldorf and Hamburg Germany has been rocked by three different attacks within the past 24 to 48 hours. One with a machete, one with an ax, and one with tear gas. Two of the attacks were on a train, one of the attacks was by a vehicle near the train station. In the axe attack, a man was “randomly” attacking passengers on a commuter train. At least seven people were injured, many of them seriously. The attacker was later identified as a 36 year old “mentally” ill man from Kosovo. In the attack that featured the machete as the weapon of choice, an 80 year old man was wounded with non life-threatening injures not far from the train station and that assailant has yet to be apprehended. As for the tear gas attack, it was carried out by at least three men, all in their late teens or early 20s, who also happened to have non-Western names that appear to be North African or Middle Eastern in origin.

These attacks aren’t anything new to Germany since the migration crisis has been in full swing. It’s not just the crime which has become typical, it is the way the crime is carried out. Knife/axe/machete attacks on elderly and seemingly “random” people are usually carried out by men of non-Western origin. Recent migrants to Germany. It is all a result of the migration crisis in Germany. The solution to the constant attacks upon the German people are easy to say but maybe not so easy to implement. Closing the border of their country to so-called migrants and also reforming welfare would do the trick there as it would in the United States. Unfortunately, leaders in Germany and the United States seem to think that is a racist concept to imagine. So the attacks continue.

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