Trump Drops Mother Of All Bombs on ISIS in Afghanistan #MOAB (REACTION)

President Donald Trump authorized the “Mother of all Bombs” to be dropped in Afghanistan on an ISIS stronghold. The bomb is known by MOAB for short which actually stands for Massive Ordnance Air Blast (or Air Bomb) and the official name of the bomb is the GBU-43B. It comes in at a whopping 21,000 pounds which is the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used in combat. #MOAB has a blast radius of one mile in all directions. It is not designed to penetrate the Earth, instead it explodes in the air with the purpose of destroying structures like tunnels used by ISIS in the Khorasan region.

Some have described this MOAB bombing as a war provocation and also as a backtrack from Donald Trump as it relates to his prior stance of non-interventionism. However, Trump did talk about wiping ISIS off the face of the planet, so if this strike was directed at ISIS then he is fulfilling a campaign promise. The strike he greenlit on Syria, however, may be the actual backtrack to his stance on foreign policy during the campaign due to his stance of being against regime change.

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