Fake Media Says Trump’s Budget Has Deep Cuts To Food Stamps and Medicaid But That’s Not True!

NBC recently ran a story on their “NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt” show where they touched on the issue of Trump’s new budget. They said that he will be breaking his promise of not cutting Medicaid because of the deep cuts to Medicaid and other programs like food stamps (SNAP) found within the budget. This narrative is true in one way but completely false in the way that it actually matters. Let’s zoom out to get a clearer understanding of what’s going on here.

On capitol hill, according to Budget and Management Office Secretary Mick Mulvaney, the word “cut” has an entirely different meaning that it does to the average person outside of that realm. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) is a non-partisan organization within the Government that gives economic information to Congress. Their role is not one of policy making, but to simply give clear advice to policy makers. In this case, their role is to provide numbers that would make sense for a budget going forward every year. They think that the budget should increase every year by a certain amount. If the budget does increase but does not increase and exceed the amount that they project, then it is labeled as a cut.

The average person would not label an increase in spending or the same amount of spending as a cut but that is how things operate in the crazy world of politicos in Washington D.C. The aforementioned “news” story from NBC was using Capitol Hill language to explain the budget. They even used a disabled woman who spoke about how cuts to medicaid would put her in a bind. The illusion painted for the average normie watching the program is that not only will Trump decrease expenditures of welfare programs, but that he will also eliminate them completely or at least kick needy people off. All of which are not true. NBC did not expressly say people would be cut off, but they intentionally alluded to it. So while the “official” information may have been real, the news was fake.







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