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GOP Senators have released the first permutation of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) that was first passed by the House Republicans. As many as five GOP Senators have come out in opposition of it including Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Their chief concern is that the proposed cuts are not deep enough and that is no more than another version of Obamacare… rather than repealing Obamacare which was the original goal. Barack Obama has come out and said that it is “not a health care bill.” Many other liberal politicians have predictably slammed the bill mostly over party politics. Some protesters have been literally dragged out of places across the country including Capitol Hill due to crazy protests. Mainstream media seem to be trying to paint the controversy surrounding the health care bill as “another failure” for Donald Trump which, at this point, seems to be their only goal. Delegitimizing the current President of the United States.

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch is under investigation by the Senate over her actions during the 2016 Presidential Campaign. This investigation should key in on the obvious issues of her handling of the private email server situation and whether or not Hillary Clinton was given preferential treatment. Bill Clinton intercepting her when she landed in Phoenix Arizona and speaking behind closed doors on the airplane for 30 minutes while she was investigating his wife was bad enough. But then you have James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Hearing alleging that she urged him to refer to the investigation he was leading at the FBI into Hillary Clinton as a “matter” rather than an investigation. If anything comes of this investigation as it relates to penalties levied against Lynch but no one else in Hillary Clinton’s circle, it’s a safe bet to say she was the “fall guy” of sorts.

Lastly you have the situation with California banning state-funded travel to Texas and other states due to their “anti-LGBT” views. This is yet another action by the State of California that points towards them wanting to become an independent Republic. Maybe they can become the Western version of Communist China or even better, North Korea. The Democratic People’s Republic of California has a nice ring to it… doesn’t it?

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