CNN Producer Admits Russia Narrative About Trump is BS on CAMERA! Alternative Media Gets Vindicated

CNN producer John Bonifield has been caught on camera admitting that CNN’s coverage of the Russia angle as it relates to Donald Trump is mostly BS contrived for ratings. The audio and video were captured by undercover journalists working with Project Veritas, an organization headed up by James O’Keefe. Their goal is to expose the evil that happens in media and politics. Previously they’d done an expose on Planned Parenthood and it showed them discussing prices for certain body parts of dead babies that had been aborted in their facilities. Now they are delving deeper into the cabal known as the mainstream media. The video that has been released today (June 27 2017) is the first of more that will come in the future on this specific topic according to James O’Keefe.

A great takeaway from the video in question is that CNN is a business just like any other. Profit uber alles. Bonifield explained to the undercover journalist that CNN is only getting around one million views a night where network news like NBC is getting 20 million. So they must figure out ways to be competitive and keep the business afloat. Prime example of this mentality was during a meeting he described which featured some insight from CNN’s CEO – Jeff Zucker. Donald Trump, at the time, had just recently pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord. CNN covered it for a day and a half. They were congratulated for that during the meeting, but Zucker essentially said “let’s get back to what pay our bills.” which is the Russia narrative.

Negative Russia coverage is not isolated to CNN. It appears to be all of mainstream media with the exception of Fox News (sometimes.) Late night talk show hosts like Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah also do an extensive amount of negative coverage on Russia. They all have one thing in common: ratings. Even the old dinosaur print media such as The Washington Post and The New York Post participate in Russia/Trump hysteria to strain money from their dwindling bases. Alternative media has been a beacon of light throughout all of this madness, which is why mainstream media has been attacking alternative media personalities and their biggest platform: YouTube.

Invoking the Red Scare in 2017 is less about national security as it is about money. Some foot soldiers on the ground working on the ground at these mainstream media cabals may think differently. However, they are simply useful idiots. Once they are no longer needed, they will simply be discarded like the three journalists who got fired recently over a fraudulent CNN story about Donald Trump and Russia.







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