Linda Sarsour Talks About Jihad Against Trump; Media Says It’s Not What You Think (REACTION)

Linda Sarsour, an extremist Muslim activist, spoke of engaging in Jihad against the “white supremacist in the White House” in reference to Donald Trump and his administration. The reaction from the mainstream media has been interesting to say the least. In their respective eyes, “Jihad” simply means a “struggle.” While the word jihad in the dictionary does have the word “struggle” as part of it’s definition, that word is by no means an accurate representation of the term in question.

Jihad is defined as a struggle or fight against the enemies of Islam. It is also defined as a personal internal struggle. A personal and/or internal struggle cannot be applied to external forces so the only other option is for jihad to be used as a way to fight enemies of Islam, which is, of course, a direct threat against Donald Trump.

Mainstream media refuses to view jihad in that way because many of them agree with the general sentiment that Sarsour laid out against Trump and his administration. They are also mostly leftists and for some strange reason, the left has an affinity for Islam. Maybe it’s daddy issues, maybe it’s an adrenaline rush from engaging in the forbidden. Either way, the connection is there. Sarsour appears to represent the marriage of western social justice warrior culture and middle eastern extremism.







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