Donald Trump Bans Transgender Americans From Serving In US Military (REACTION)

At around 8 am on Wednesday, July 26th 2017, Donald Trump announced that transgender Americans are now banned from serving in the United States military. He did so via a series of tweets that have made ripples throughout Washington and the rest of the country. To sum up Trump’s tweets, this decision was made because of the burden that transgenderism puts on the United States military. From the actual cost of required sex change surgeries like the one given to formerly imprisoned Chelsea Manning to the logistics nightmare that they cause on the battlefield. Trump also gave credit to military experts and generals who advised him to take this course of action.

Former Defense Secretary Ash Carter has labelled the decision as “social policy” but the move is obviously one for the safety of our nation. By taking this action, Donald Trump rolled back a Barack Obama policy put on the books in June of last year that was set to go into effect in June of this year. The directive from Ash Carter under Obama’s administration was set to be enacted in phases. Transgender people were already in the military and already getting paid sex changes, but not all of the directives had been enacted. On the eve of the new policy going into effect, current defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis delayed it until at least January so he would “have more time to think about it.” Trump has now totally eliminated the argument and quelled all speculation.

Trump will most certainly face harsh criticism from many in the LGBT community and lobby. Which, of course, is nothing new since he rescinded another Obama directive that allowed transgender students in school to use the restroom or locker room of their choice. Donald Trump ran more of a “moderate” campaign when it comes to social issues, and that point will be made by the late night talk show hosts and talking heads on mainstream news networks. But the point here is that these rules that are being rolled back by the current administration are not necessarily socially based although they do overlap. It’s simply about the security of our nation.







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