Anthony Scaramucci Gets Fired… Or Resigns? As White House Communications Director, Here’s Why

Anthony Scaramucci has been fired from his post as White House Communications Director. Or maybe he wasn’t fired and voluntarily designed. It’s unclear as to why he is no longer at his points, but the fact remains that he has been relieved of duty. This comes only 11 days after it was announced that he would take over that position. Scaramucci’s initial hiring may have caused Sean Spicer to resign as White House Press Secretary, most likely because Spicer wanted to take that job and then have then-Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders take over the role that Spicer had. Ironically enough, she currently has the role that she would have likely gotten anyway.

Another thing to note is that Anthony Scaramucci did not officially start his new job until August 15th, 2017. So, in essence, he was relieved of duty before he truly began. Mainstream media is in a tizzy over the news since it came so quickly among a slew of other firings and resignations in the Trump White House. One of the more notable resignations and/or firings was that of Reince Priebus, former White House Chief of Staff. Priebus was replaced by Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly. Yahoo News reported that John Kelly may have ordered Scaramucci’s firing due to his direct reporting to Trump. Kelly, being a marine, is apparently all about chain of command. Since Kelly is Scaramucci’s superior, he’d most likely want Scaramucci to report directly to him and not directly to Trump.

Then there is the issue of Scaramucci’s wife who filed for divorce. This news was revealed over the weekend of Saturday July 29th 2017. She was 9 months pregnant and actually gave birth the previous Monday while Scaramucci was in West Virginia with Trump. Rumors have been floating around that link the divorce to Anthony’s political aspirations. Anthony also talked to “The New Yorker” and gave them an interview that had scathing comments about both Reince Priebus (before he was fired) and Steve Bannon. All of the aforementioned things may be reasons or the sole reason why Scaramucci no longer holds the position of White House Communications Director, or it could be because Trump simply didn’t like him. Only time will tell.







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