Google Fires “Anti-Diversity” Gender Bias Manifesto Author James Damore (REACTION)

Google has fired James Damore, the author of the internally viral, now mainstream-viral “anti-diversity” manifesto. The official reasoning for his firing was violating Google’s “ code of conduct” by “perpetuating gender stereotypes.” In the actual written piece from James Damore, he does speak about gender. But mostly from a biological and scientific point of view, not so much a personal one. The manifesto contained a lot of information about the toxic and volatile nature of Google’s far-left corporate culture. In addition to Damore making the observation that his piece could cost him his job, which it did, he also acknowledged others that had come to him privately praising him for being so bold while facing the big risk of losing his income.

James Damore’s piece has been labeled as “anti-diversity” by many in the mainstream media but it really wasn’t like that. If anything, he was attempting to champion true diversity which is different than how Google sees it through the lens of it’s corporate superstructure. Google sees diversity as a checklist of physical appearances all appearing in equal proportion. If there are 50% women in the United States, then there should be 50% female engineers at Google. And if there are not, then drastic measures must be taken to make it that way, even at the expense of other qualified employees who may not be female. Rinse, wash, repeat the same cycle for other minority groups that are part of the protected class (read: not Asians.) True diversity is one of thought.

Talented people from all walks of life who represent all sides of the political spectrum are the best way that a corporation can push forward. Damore says that both the left and the right side of political influence have their own flaws. Further on the right, people tend not to change at all to remain stable. Further on the left, people tend to change too much and generally remain unstable as a result. In other words, one side is not innovative and the other side cannot maintain innovation. A healthy balance is needed and that is not happening anytime soon since James Damore was fired. If enough people make a big enough stink about Google’s corporate culture (which is possible even within Google since the post went viral internally first) then at that point, some changes would be able to be made.







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