ESPN Pulls Asian Announcer Named Robert Lee Off UVA College Football Game (REACTION)

ESPN has made a decision to pull Asian-American announcer Robert Lee off of UVA’s College Football home opener game against The College of William and Mary. According to an official statement released by the sports network, the decision was made during the unrest in Charlottesville due to the protests caused by the impending removal of the Robert E. Lee statue. Since the long-deceased confederate general and the ESPN announcer share a first and last name, sensitivity to those affected by the tragedy was a concern as well as what amounts to social media trolls that would gang up on the announcer.

The inconvenient truth and clear reality of the situation is that ESPN is a very large corporation with an even larger parent company (ABC, Disney). Corporations today are driven by internal politics controlled by special interest groups, not much different than Washington DC. And the problem is that all of the special interest groups lobby for liberal causes. Since all of that is going on in the background of ESPN, it’s impossible for the final product they produce to conform to liberal standards lobbied for by the aforementioned special interest groups. A prime example of this is the Caitlyn Jenner situation. He/she was given a courage award at ESPN’s award show “The Espys.” Jenner won the award over a cancer-stricken 19-year old woman who was still playing college basketball. She died shortly after being snubbed of the award. This was a clear case of special interest groups run amok.

Much of television is losing customers by the droves due to cord-cutting. In the case of ESPN, not only are they losing subscribers that way, they are also losing them due to the infusion of extreme liberal politics into every aspect of their programming. Sports by nature are a conservative thing. So when liberalism is shoved into the faces of mostly conservative people on a daily basis, it begins to turn them off. The case of Robert Lee is amusing to an extent but it also underlines the major problem with ESPN and why they are continuing to lose market share.







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