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Alex Wubbels, a nurse in Salt Lake City, Utah, was arrested a couple of months ago in the hospital where she worked. The video of the arrest has just recently been released to the public and it’s ugly. To back up a little bit and give some backstory… a man named William Gray was in the ICU unconscious after a terrible head-on collision that was caused by a man named Marcos Torres who was on a high speed chase away from the police. Torres died. The police still needed a blood sample from Gray because when a fatality happens in a wreck, it’s customary to see if the person was under the influence. Especially when the driver has a CDL. Problem was that the police had agreed with the hospital to not take blood unless the patient consented, the patient was under arrest, or if the police had a warrant. None of those requirements were present and the nurse did not allow the blood to be drawn. An officer arrested her as a result.

Donald and Melania Trump have made their way to Houston, Texas to assist volunteers in the post-storm efforts. People are still lacking some basic needs in that area. Food, clothing, and shelter at a certain point are hard to come by. Hurricane Harvey was (and is) most certainly a tragic event, but there is a silver lining in the dark cloud. Mainstream media has been pushing a narrative of a “divided” America. An America that cannot get along due to political and social differences. But the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey shows a different America. Pictures and videos after the storm show neighbor helping neighbor. All races of people working together. No real division, only unity for one cause which is to improve each other’s situation. The media’s narrative about Donald Trump is also false. Many black families in Houston have been proud to shake hands and take pictures with Trump.

The Los Angeles City Council voted Wednesday to eliminate Columbus Day from the city calendar, siding with activists who view the explorer as a symbol of genocide for native peoples in North America and elsewhere. Over the objections of Italian American civic groups, the council made the second Monday in October a day in L.A. to commemorate “indigenous, aboriginal and native people.” It replaces a holiday that served as a touchstone for Italian Americans, marking the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Caribbean. Italian Americans voiced anguish over the proposal, telling council members it would erase a portion of their heritage.

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