Trump To Delay DACA Repeal For Six Months Then Congress Must Deal With It (REACTION)

President Donald Trump is set to repeal DACA (or let it expire as it was scheduled to do) after he extends it for a period of six months. The extension will be given for the expressed purpose of allowing Congress to come up with a solution for the problem that DACA addressed – which is the status of illegal immigrants. DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) granted a form of amnesty for a limited time – up to two years – with certain caveats. It was only a temporary action and did not grant full amnesty.

A solution to the problem would be to say either there is no amnesty or there is. In six months, mid-term elections will be in full swing and no GOP Congressman wants to have a vote for amnesty on their record, as it will spell sure doom for them in their election. If nothing else, to save their jobs, GOP will all vote against amnesty and the problem will be solved.







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