Listen To A Black Conservative Read and React To Obama’s DACA Facebook Letter

Barack Obama posted a “scathing” letter against President Donald Trump on his apparent decision to rescind DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) after a six month “grace” period in which pressure has been placed upon Congress to act. The letter isn’t anything surprising seeing as how it was Obama’s directive to begin with. Obama is still somewhat involved with political matters even though he is not the President anymore and his political affiliation has not changed, so of course he’s going to defend things that the left desire, such as DACA and eventually amnesty.

Throughout the lengthy post, Obama cites the benefits that the so-called “dreamers” bring to the United States of America. He says that these people could be your friendly neighbors, your friends, those who save your life in an emergency, those who protect the country and so on. He fails to mention the “dreamers” who go out and shoot innocent people. Or take jobs from low-skilled African Americans by working under the table and engaging in extreme cronyism. Nor does Obama speak of all the billions of dollars repatriated to the “dreamers’” country of origin. All of these things matter but the President was hellbent on pushing a victimhood narrative designed to tug on readers’ heart-strings.

As former President Bill Clinton said… “we are a nation of immigrants but we are also a nation of laws.” If a person is here illegally, there should be no special programs to allow them to stay here. Just because a person was brought here against their will as a child does not mean they are legal citizens. All that language does is open up a backdoor to amnesty which people will abuse to the point where they totally bypass the actual legal immigration system which is set up to guarantee we get the best of the best, and not those who simply wish to set up shop in the United States and drain her for all of what she has to offer.







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