Border Wall Prototypes Begin Construction At San Diego Border (REACTION)

Construction of prototypes for President Donald Trump’s border wall began on Tuesday, September 26th 2017. Six companies are building eight prototypes on the San Diego border (shared with Tijuana, Mexico) to present to the Department of Homeland Security.

“Today is the day the dirt actually moves,” Adam Housley reported from the area, adding that it will be about a week or two before something significant is constructed.

The U.S.-Mexico barrier was a signature promise of President Trump during his campaign and he has insisted since taking office that it will be built.

He has also maintained that Mexico will pay for the construction. Over the summer, Trump said he “absolutely” still wanted Mexico to pay for the wall.

The perceived slow progress has frustrated some of Trump’s most ardent supporters, including Ann Coulter, who said this month that if the wall isn’t going to be built, she’d “prefer President Pence.”

California filed a lawsuit over the wall plans last week, claiming the Trump administration “violated the U.S. Constitution, failed to comply with federal and state environmental laws, and relied on a federal statute that does not authorize the proposed projects.”







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