In depth version at CRTV. The days of Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford in “All the Presidents Men” are long gone. Today’s journos are incurious bloggers with no skin in the game and no real interest in the truth. They write the story in their head first and then fill in the gaps backwards from there. They are also obsessed with Nazzis to the point of mental illness. They are…
1- AUNTIE-FAs: Radical feminists who are really into 1960s black power and communism. They use terms like “people of other” and “comrade.” They are in Antifa but also write for mainstream publications like Esquire and Huffpo because being radical is mainstream now.
2- SPINSTER POLICE: These are Auntie-Fas after their eggs dry up. They haven’t noticed that men use them for little more than sex because they’ve channeled all their frustration and loneliness into being Dog Moms. These busybodies are less aggressive than their predecessors but they’re just as annoying.
3- THE REVENGE NERDS: These millennial, ethnomasochist, beta-male wimps work for DNC campaigns and then assume they can slide into liberal media and still be perceived as unbiased. They start out as Judd Legum (Hillary research director) but grow up to be Brian Fallon (Hillary press secretary). These guys were bullied in high school and are determined to make us pay.