Thank God We Dodged The Hillary Clinton Crime Family Bullet

All American citizens have successfully dodged a bullet as a result of the 2016 Presidential Election. Everyone should be thankful that Donald Trump won instead of Hillary Clinton. She has been embroiled copious amounts of controversy week after week for many years now. Her issues have intensified in the past two years, coinciding with the Presidential campaign.

The most obvious flaw Mrs. Clinton has is her physical condition. It’s understandable that at age 70, she may not be in tip-top shape. However, one must be concerned about a woman exhibiting several signs of physical decline and/or a general unhealthy status. Several speaking engagements during the campaign were riddled with extended “coughing fit” episodes. Hillary blamed her coughing outbursts on doing too much speaking. The problem with that is that Trump did many more speaking engagements than her and is one year older but never had a coughing fit. Hillary Clinton has also fallen several times, the most recent during her “What Happened” book tour. Apparently she fell and injured her foot. She is not walking around with not only a boot on her foot bout specialized “crutches.”

Beyond her physical ailments comes her general nature of incompetence. Rumor has it that her husband, former President of the United States Bill Clinton, is persona non grata in their household. The only speaking between them is allegedly happening through a lawyer. Maybe he is upset with her for writing her most recent book due to the scrutiny it puts on their family as it relates to issues with Russia.

Much of Hillary Clinton’s campaign focused on trying to smear Donald Trump as being in “collusion” with Russian operatives in some sort of nefarious plot to infiltrate American politics. That sentiment was echoed in the book. Only problem is that there is little evidence to support those claims, but there is plenty of evidence to place Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Crime Family in that position instead of Trump.

A lot more can be said about Hillary Clinton’s flaws which make her unsuitable for office. The bottom line is that the flaws are many and the pros are few. On Tuesday, November the 8th of 2016, the correct decision was made. Crisis successfully averted.







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