Speaking with Swedes

Journalist Ivar Arpi of the Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet interviewed me last week, prior to publishing his piece today, Dec 02 2017: https://www.svd.se/jordan-b-peterson-det-finns-inget-farligare-an-en-svag-man

Ivar Axel Arpi is a works as a lead writer specializing in politics at Svenska Dagbladet. He has previously worked as a lead writer at the Gothenburg Post, Hallandsposten and the Liberal News Agency. He has also worked as an editor at Axess magazine, and as editor of the society magazine Neo.

Excerpt, edited from the Google English translation of the full article:

“In a Facebook group for Jordan B Peterson’s Swedish enthusiasts I ask what he means to the team members. The answers are illustrative. ‘He has given me a stronger faith and a tidy student apartment I can be proud of,’ writes one. ‘One great thing is that he has explained the value and importance of the Bible, which is impressive considering that I’m an atheist. Meanwhile, I have listened to Jordan B Peterson I have lost 8 kg, cleaned my home (better), handled my relationships and am more effective in my job,’ wrote another. A man who watches Jordan B Peterson’s videos with his equally enthusiastic wife says that doing so made them both to try to become better people… Another writes: ‘In addition, he got me to talk to God again, even if it is ‘just’ God is in my psyche.’ Peterson says, ‘I give public lectures in which I talk about responsibility and truth. Afterwards, many will come up to me, mostly young men, and want to talk. They say things like “I was a nihilist, I was desperate, I was suicidal, I was destructive and bitter, but when I heard what you had to say about the myths I took myself out of the dark hole I was in.” Person after person has been saying the same thing. And I have received thousands of such letters…’ ”

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