Axe Workout with Old Split Toe (mental health starts with physical health)

If you’re anything like me and you don’t wanna pay for a gym membership and you always want to get chores done while getting rid of the fat you are acquiring from constant beer drinking, this video is for you.
Check out how much exercise you can get with just an axe and some wood!
I highly recommend working out everyday not for vanity, but because an unhealthy body makes an unhealthy mind. I can get super paranoid and aggressive if I don’t expel a lot of energy and I know I’m not alone on that. So find a way to get a workout in around your house that you will actually stick to so you don’t lose your mind in our modern world trying to turn men into indoor cats.
Instead of eating soy and transitioning to another gender, get yourself an axe and split some yellow birch or maybe some maple.

If it wasn’t for my dad’s weiner and my mom’s “ok,” there would be no Owen Benjamin. Piano brought me to stand up comedy. I’ve had two Comedy Central specials. I’m tall but suck at basketball, I’m smart but can’t spell, I’m nice but kind of a dick.

I’ve been in some movies: House Bunny, Staten Island Summer w/ SNL cast, Bucky Larson w/ Nick Swardson, Jack and Jill w/ Adam Sandler.

Also some TV shows: Sullivan and Son – produced by Vince Vaughn, Leno, Fallon, and Bar Rescue.

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