Al Franken and John Conyers Both Resign; Franken Deflects To Trump & Moore Allegations (REACTION)

Al Franken, SNL alum and the current…soon to be former Senator from Minnesota has announced his resignation from the United States Senate. This comes after 8 women have come forward with sexual assault and/or sexual harassment allegations against him, with the most famous incident being that of Leeann Tweeden. The picture featuring him grope her on a plane while she was sleeping has gone viral. Franken gave a resignation speech on the Hill in which he was actually pretty defiant, although at the same time admitting some guilt. He said that some women were lying… but he did not say some women were telling the truth.

The speech was a total evasion of any personal accountability. One statement that was made during the speech really stood out. Franken said that it was “ironic” how he was essentially being forced to step down due to allegations against him, but Trump and Roy Moore were not. As if Donald Trump and Roy Moore have done what Franken did, which is get caught via photograph committing an unwanted act on a woman. Or outright confessing, even if in an indirect way. Trump and Moore have vehemently denied allegations against them. Franken mentioned the famous “Access Hollywood” tape in which Trump was speaking in a “lewd” manner to Billy Bush about women.

Trump did not say he did anything against someone’s will. Unlike Al Franken and also John Conyers – who has also resigned from DC politics. 88-year-old Conyers was a House Rep from Michigan. He had been accused of numerous cases of sexual assault, including one very brazen incident in which he allegedly slid his hand up the thigh of a female staffer during church service in the front row. Observers have commented that maybe Conyers and Franken resigning is a play to put pressure on Trump and Roy Moore. The only problem is that the evidence against Trump and Moore pales in comparison to that against Franken and Conyers. In addition to that, neither one of them confessed to the allegations. If this is the best plan the Democrats can come up with – to fall on their own sword to try and make Republicans bleed – it’s going to be a very long eight years on Capitol Hill.







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