Young Turks Say Sixty Blacks Were Arrested For Bag of Weed… They Failed To Mention the Pistol!

The Young Turks produced a video based on an article from “Think Progress” which took a situation that happened at a house party in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area and took it totally out of context. In Cartersville, Georgia, about 40 miles north of Atlanta, a lingerie-themed house party was thrown for a person’s 21st birthday on December 30th, 2017. The party flyer’s message was to bring your own alcohol and weed (using emojis as the drugs and alcohol.) Over 100 people showed up to this party. Although it has been labeled as a house party, it was in an apartment complex.

At a certain point, the party gets out of control. A report of two gunshots was phoned in to the police, and shortly thereafter the police show up to the premises. Many individuals who were at the party scatter immediately. The police enter the premises and recover at least one hand gun and also a bag of weed which was less than an ounce. Apparently, the police gave them the opportunity to turn over the person who the weed belonged to. If they were to do that, then only that one person would be arrested. But nobody came forward. Therefore, over sixty people were arrested and taken to the Bartow County jail. The incident happened on Saturday night and they were not processed until Monday night, most likely due to the combination of weekend and federal holiday.

Young Turks and Think Progress appear to be trying to frame this as racism because the majority (not all) of the people there were young black males. They go into statistics about how blacks are more likely to be charged with drug possession although whites and blacks use drugs are the same rate (which is a phony statistic.) They fail to focus on the fact that there were 100 people at an apartment house party with weed, alcohol, loud music, and at least one gun. And the only reason why the police came is because of the report of gunshots. The party was getting out of control. If the police did not show up, there could have been a severe injury or death which is par the course for these types of parties. But I guess the “racism” and “black victimhood” narrative is an easier sell for the aforementioned “media” outlets.







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