Cory Booker Freaks Out On DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Over Trump Comments (REACTION)

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) lashed out at female DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on Tuesday, lambasting the secretary as “complicit,” in an emotional outburst that saw Booker flail about and scream at Nielsen in disgust — even suggesting she had limited intellectual capabilities.

But yet, Democrats, who turned Sens. Kamala Harris (CA) and Elizabeth Warren (MA) into cult heroes for enduring a fraction of the abuse Nielsen handled during her grilling at Booker’s hands, were completely silent on Booker’s unprofessional treatment of Nielsen.

Some “women’s rights” activists.

“Your silence and your amnesia is complicity,” Booker shouted at Nielsen, accusing the DHS Secretary of covering up for President Donald Trump because she refused to say for certain whether Trump had called any nation a “sh*t-hole” during a bi-partisan meeting on immigration reform.

Booker was, of course, showing off. With Oprah now in the ring, Booker needs to prove he has the kind of fire and faux courage necessary to challenge Trump’s re-election, and win out against a much-beloved daytime talk show host. There’s no better way to prove your outrage than to lay into a high-powered female official testifying for hours under oath about a meeting that the president happened to (allegedly) lace with profanity.








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